Ryan Mayberry: ArtMoi: Catalogue Your Art. Preserve Your Legacy

Ryan Mayberry is the Founder of ArtMoi. He is also a software engineer and Partner at Mayberry Fine Art and Consignor Auctions Limited. Through Mayberry’s two passions, art and technology, he and the company strive to fulfill ArtMoi’s mission: to empower artists and make art more accessible to everyone.

ArtMoi is an initiative to create the world’s first artist-controlled artwork registry, which enables artists to catalogue their body of work and control how it is accessed and published. In 2015, the company launched a suite of free online services and tools that give artists the ability to create official records of their work and remain in control of those records during their lifetime and beyond. In this lecture, Mayberry will highlight the role that artwork documentation plays in the larger arts and culture industry. He will provide insight into how and when an artist should start documenting their own work, therefore beginning the process of preserving their legacy.