Ellie Ga: The Fortunetellers

The Fortunetellers is a performative lecture involving video, sound and overhead/slide projection, which Ellie Ga began in 2008 when she was artist-in-residence for a scientific expedition near the North Pole. For five months Ga was on board Tara, a sailboat drifting in the frozen pack ice of the Arctic Ocean. Like the drift of Tara through the ice, The Fortunetellers is a meandering path of research and recollections, etymologies and metaphors that chart a journey where the rhythm of human time is altered by extreme weather conditions, isolation and darkness. The project is built upon superimpositions: images are layered onto each other in the videos and performances, while the past, present and future tenses are interchangeable in Ga’s narration of her experiences.

Photo: Ellie Ga, Fissure 7a: 74°N, 12°W.

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