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Street Art with Barri Biederman

Street artist Barri Biederman (aka “Boo) was selected by the youth of the Toronto Kiwanis Boys and Girls Club, Spruce Clubhouse, to show them how to “take their stories to the streets.” From 11 January to 3 May 2017, Biederman shared her skills in mural design and street art in her workshop series, Our Streets, Our Style. Inspired by both Jonathas de Andrade and Maria Hupfield, youth expressed their cultural history--lived or imagined--and hopes for the future of their communities through stickers, graffiti, and other public art.

More about Barri Biederman

Born in Toronto, Biederman completed a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from U of T and a diploma from OCAD in drawing and painting. Biederman works with different social service agencies in the city where she uses art as a tool for communication, healing, and strengthening community. Most recently, she has completed a youth engagement project, a public underpass mural on the theme of Amnesty International’s Declaration of Human Rights.

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