Power Youth

Graffiti Art with Paula Gonzalez-Ossa

Inspired by Amalia Pica’s exhibition ears to speak of and Michael Landy’s exhibition DEMONSTRATION, Paula “Bomba” Gonzalez-Ossa will work with youth to explore language through graffiti, working together to illustrate the words that represent their collective identity while creating messages that subvert the dominant narratives of their communities. Participants will create a wall-based installation while documenting the process through drawing and video recording.

More about Paula Gonzalez-Ossa
Paula Gonzalez-Ossa is a retired graffiti writer, now mural artist, Hip-Hop emcee, and videographer. Born in Talca, Chile and now based in Toronto, “Bomba” has been voted Best Graffiti by Now Magazine’s Reader’s Poll in 1997, 2009, 2010, and 2011. Her award winning murals can be found across Toronto at community shelters, schools and city landmarks such as Allen Gardens.