Jan Vercruysse


Jan Vercruysse: Toronto 1993 was an exhibition curated by Louise Dompierre, on view from 15 January – 21 February, 1993. Jan Vercruysse’s art-making strategy, which does not centre on the notion of art’s relationship to art or on its relationship to life, seeks to liberate art from the conventions of the language it uses. Vercruysse opens a space for art that could be said to be parallel to the world. The bridge between our world and the world he creates takes form at the level of the ideas or even the emotions that the work generates. Vercruysse’s work opens the gates for our own imagination to function.
This 39-page softcover catalogue features images of Vercruysse’s two series, Portrait of the Artist By Himself and Tombeaux, which were featured in the exhibition. Also included in the catalogue is an essay by curator Louise Dompierre.

Product Information

  • Author(s): Louise Dompierre
  • Publisher: The Power Plant
  • Year: 1993
  • ISBN: 0-921047-59-2
  • Pages: 39
  • Illustrations: Colour
  • Dimensions: 23.5 x 31 cm
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