Roto-Univers: cantor, les disques, le derviche


Relying on mass-produced objects and historical and musical references, Raymond Gervais creates a mise-en-scène which acts as a sort of platform into the realm of the imaginary. Achieved by deftly combining and taking full advantage of the nature of the objects used, the lighting effects and the relationship of the objects to the space and to the viewer, Gervais’s ability to dramatize the act of presentation is unique.
This 40-page softcover catalogue features images of Gervais’s three series, Cantor, Les disques and Le derviche, which were featured in Roto-Univers, Gervais's solo exhibition at The Power Plant in Spring 1992. Also included are essays by curator Louise Dompierre, and Gervais (in French).

Product Information

  • Author(s): Louise Dompierre, Raymond Gervais
  • Publisher: The Power Plant
  • Year: 1992
  • ISBN: 0-921047-90-8
  • Pages: 40
  • Illustrations: Colour
  • Dimensions: 19.5 x 27.5 cm
  • Availability: In stock