Shona Illingworth: Topologies of Air


Released on the occasion of Shona Illingworth’s first major show in Canada, this publication features work from Shona Illingworth: Topologies of Air, presented at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery from 5 February to 1 May 2022.

Through her research-based investigation of how space is occupied today, Illingworth probes how current modes of governance, surveillance, and weaponization are invading our interior worlds and transcending the borders of nation-states to create new frameworks of dominance and colonization. Lesions in the Landscape, an immersive video and sound installation, examines the complex individual and societal impacts of memory and cultural erasure; works in a variety of mediums, constituting an “Amnesia Museum,” explore how memory and forgetting intermingle; and Topologies of Air, a video installation, is expanded for its Toronto debut, surveying how humans have radically transformed the sky since the advent of modernity, turning it into a complex and multi-layered space. Illingworth’s inquiry reveals emerging power relations and knowledge structures that determine the way we inhabit the world, contemplating their potentially catastrophic impact on our co-existence and survival on this planet.

This publication includes a large selection of Illingworth’s work, as well as essays by Caterina Albano, Amin Alsaden, Jill Bennett, Giuliana Bruno, Martin A. Conway, Anthony Downey, Conor Gearty, Derek Gregory, Nick Grief, Andrew Hoskins, Catherine Loveday, Issie MacPhail, William Merrin, Renata Salecl, Gabrielle Schwab, and Gaëtane Verna.

Editor: Anthony Downey
Designer: Daly & Lyon

Supported by: The Wellcome Trust

Product Information

  • Editor: The Power Plant
  • Publisher: The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery and Sternberg Press
  • Year: 2022
  • ISBN: 978-3-95679-553-4
  • Pages: 288
  • Illustrations: 164 colour & 46 b/w illustrations
  • Dimensions: 21 x 25.5 cm, softcover
  • Other Information: