The Power Plant

Kapwani Kiwanga: Afrogalactica

APR 21 2017

9:00 PM – 10:00 PM

$10 Members / $10 Students & Seniors / $15 Non-Members

Members, please ensure that you present your Membership card at the door for entry.

Tickets are available through Images Festival

Innis Town Hall, University of Toronto
2 Sussex Ave

Kapwani Kiwanga. Photo by Bertille Cheret, courtesy of Galerie Jerome Poggi.

Winter 2017 exhibiting artist Kapwani Kiwanga performs AFROGALACTICA: A brief history of the future, one-night-only in a co-presentation by The Power Plant and Images Festival. The performance features a live reading with video projection, in which Kiwanga takes on the role of a fictional anthropologist to speculate on the future, investigating Afrofuturism as a means to examine the past from an African or African diasporic subjectivity. Kiwanga’s work often grapples with Afrofuturism, anti-colonial struggle, collective memory, belief systems and different cultural ways of approaching the supernatural.

In recent projects, the artist revisits her earlier academic studies of anthropology and comparative religion, often assuming the role of a researcher. Her methods include assembling narratives and scientific protocols in order to establish alternative ways to observe culture and its evolving characteristics. Her sources range from academic papers and scientific reports to mythologies and poetry, which she skilfully blends with popular culture—both fact and fiction, past and present—to project into the future. Kiwanga undermines the authority of Western academia and hegemonic discourses, enabling us to reflect upon alternative histories and visualize future.