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In conjunction with his exhibition, World Discovered Under Other Skies, Manuel Mathieu has produced his first series of monoprints. Mathieu’s work reflects on the blurred boundaries between the past and present, the personal and the political. Merging scenes from everyday life with reflections on the history of Haiti, this series of 9 unique monoprints feature compositions inspired by the physicality, nature, and religious symbolism found in Haitian visual cultures.

Monoprint on paper
Variable sizes, from 4 x 6” to 12 x 11”
Series of 9 unique monoprints
Sold framed

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    The Flowers, 4 x 6"
    Stratum, 9 x 6"

    Bad Hair Day, 6 x 8"

    The Cave, 4 x 9"

    Right in the Middle, 13 x 8"

    The Idiot, 12 x 11"

    The Pianist, 8 x 13"

    The View, 4 x 10.5"