Franz Erhard Walther: Call to Action


"Walther’s oeuvre wedges itself between materiality and immateriality, between the substantial and the mental, between events carried by the body in time and the longer-lasting, suspended state of the object."
— Kolja Reichert, p. 71

The 13th title in the Power Plant Pages series, this publication was produced in conjunction with the exhibition Franz Erhard Walther: Call to Action, curated by Gaëtane Verna, organized by The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery and presented 25 June - 5 September 2016.

Practicing since the 1950s, Franz Erhard Walther has established himself as a seminal figure in post-war and contemporary art. This publication features works from Call to Action, focusing on his radical ideas about the relationship between space, object and the human body. Action has been integral to Walther's practice, exploring how viewers can use their bodies as a means to activate sculpture and disrupt the spaces of the gallery or landscapes in which it is presented. Walther's sculptures, made of textile, materialize through measured actions laid out for viewers to enact according to instructions, thus transcending their physical and formal qualities to position the viewer’s body, and the space and time within which it acts, as material form. Through essays, as well as an extended interview with the artist, the contributors reflect on the social and political implications of Walther's work, especially in its call to take action.

The publication features texts by Luisa Pauline Fink, Kolja Reichert, Franz Erhard Walther, Susanne Walther, and Gaëtane Verna.

Product Information

  • Publisher:  The Power Plant
  • Year: 2020
  • ISBN: 9781894212755
  • Pages: 136
  • Illustrations: 40 colour illustrations
  • Dimensions:  19.5 x 15 cm, in hardcover
  • Other Information: