SOLD OUT | Omar Ba: Same Dream


“In his choice of materials Omar Ba signifies that he seeks to transform something ordinary–commonplace cardboard, for example–into something extraordinary. And in painting his dreams, he hopes to convey some essential truth about reality. Those two processes of transmutation are accomplished with great skill and conviction.” —Roger Malbert, p85

The 8th in the Power Plant Pages series, this publication was produced in conjunction with Omar Ba’s exhibition Same Dream, presented at The Power Plant from January 26 to May 12 2019.

Omar Ba’s work engages with some of the most urgent issues of our time: the growing inequality of wealth and power globally, questions around immigration, and our changing relationship with the natural world. Several of Ba’s paintings depict dictators and authority figures, who lead corrupt and violent regimes across the African continent and in other parts of the world, particularly where the legacies of colonialism persist. At times represented as hybrid beasts, these warlords are typically enveloped in an abundance of lush flora and fauna—with biomorphic shapes inspired by the Senegalese coast where Ba grew up. In dialogue with these works, the artist also often depicts groups of youth, representing optimism and hope for the future. Often using materials sourced from his immediate surroundings—such as cardboard, canvas, drywall—Ba’s works begin with a black background upon which he layers a vivid palette of primary colours. His paintings teem with details as micro-worlds transpire within larger constellations, oscillating between bold planes of colour and intricate outlines, which unravel across their surfaces.

The publication includes French translations, and features essays by Mary-Dailey Desmarais and Roger Malbert, as well as an interview between Omar Ba and the exhibition’s curator, Nabila Abdel Nabi.

Product Information

  • Publisher:  The Power Plant
  • Year: 2019
  • Pages: 127
  • Illustrations: 47 colour illustrations
  • Dimensions: 19.5 x 15 cm, hardcover
  • Availability: Sold Out
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