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Fall 2021 Exhibition Season
Manuel Mathieu: World Discovered Under Other Skies
Howie Tsui: From swelling shadows, we draw our bows
Nathan Eugene Carson: Cut from the same cloth

Winter 2020 Exhibition Season
Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa: Asymmetries
Dawit L. Petros: Spazio Disponibile
Naeem Mohaiemen: What we found after you left
Rashid Johnson: Anxious Audience

Fall 2020 Exhibition Season
Hajra Waheed: Hold Everything Dear
Vincent Meessen: Blues Klair
Naeem Mohaiemen: What we found after you left 
Rashid Johnson: Anxious Audience

Summer 2019 Exhibition Season
Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige: On Scams
Mario Pfeifer: If you end up with the story you started with, then you're not listening along the way
Thomas J Price: Ordinary Men

Winter 2019 Exhibition Season
Omar Ba: Same Dream
Shuvinai Ashoona: Mapping Worlds 
Alicia Henry: Witnessing

Fall 2018 Exhibition Season
Karla Black
Vivian Suter with Elisabeth Wild: La Canícula
Beth Stuart: Length, Breadth, Thickness and—Duration
Abbas Akhavan: variations on a landscape

Summer 2018 Exhibition Season
Ellen Gallagher: Nu-Nile
Grada Kilomba: Secrets to Tell
Abbas Akhavan: variations on a landscape

Winter 2018 Exhibition Season
Kader Attia: The Field of Emotion
Emeka Ogboh: The Song of the Germans

Fall 2017 Exhibition Season
Sammy Baloji & Filip de Boeck: Urban Now: City Life in Congo
Amalia Pica: ears to speak of

Summer 2017 Exhibition Season
Ydessa Hendeles: The Milliner's Daughter

Winter 2017 Exhibition Season
Maria Hupfield: The One Who Keeps On Giving
Jonathas de Andrade: On Fishes, Horses and Man
Kapwani Kiwanga: a wall is just a wall
Latifa Echkahch: Cross Fade

Fall 2016 Exhibition Season
Yto Barrada: Faux Guide
Maria Loboda: some weep, some blow flutes
Latifa Echkahch: Cross Fade

Summer 2016 Exhibition Season
Franz Erhard Walther: Call to Action
Ulla von Brandenburg: It Has a Golden Red Sun and an Elderly Green Moon