Micah Lexier

One, and Two, and More Than Two

The Power Plant presents a survey of significant work by Toronto-based artist Micah Lexier, bringing together an important selection of recent work that reflects the artist’s diverse and dynamic practice.



One, and Two, and More Than Two presents a survey of significant work by Toronto-based artist Micah Lexier. United by his interests in temporal and graphic systems of organization and measurement, this exhibition brings together an important selection of recent work that reflects the artist’s diverse and dynamic practice. Whether working individually (One), in a collaborative process (Two), or encompassing more than one hundred different artists (More than Two), Lexier’s work evinces witty and playful reflections on the creative processes of making and presenting art.

At the level of One, this exhibition features personal projects such as Self-Portrait as a Wall Text (1998/2013), a seminal self-descriptive artwork that Lexier originally produced at the age of thirty-seven. Lexier pairs this with an updated version made specifically for The Power Plant, where both works are presented for the first time. Likewise, Working as a Drawing displays a selection of 470 working documents culled from the last thirty-two years of his own artmaking. Additionally, Lexier presents a new video installation entitled This One, That One, which explores the concepts of collecting and ordering seen that run throughout the exhibition.

Our north gallery is devoted to Two, Lexier’s collaborations with writers, including: Two Equal Texts (1998/2007), a complex anagram work made with poet Christian Bök; I Am The Coin (2010), in which Lexier custom minted twenty-thousand coins with a text by novelist Derek McCormack; and 1334 Words for 1334 Students (2008), a project Lexier made with writer Colm Tóibín who wrote a short story as many words long as there were students in Mississauga’s Cawthra Park Secondary School.

At his most ambitious, however, is Lexier’s More Than Two (Let It Make Itself), a curatorial project that displays over 200 new and recently created artworks and objects by 101 artists/duos/collectives in and around Toronto. Encompassing artists at varying stages of their careers, Lexier presents his take on the wide-ranging, multi-generational portrait of a robust Toronto art community. In seeking to celebrate this expansive community, Lexier brings to The Power Plant an incisive look at the networks of creative production that surround it. “The thirty vitrines that constitute the exhibition”, he states, “house my personal take on some of the wonderful, inventive, like-minded objects that I encountered during my research.” More Than Two is in constant dialogue with Lexier's whole exhibition, enabling audiences to see and experience the artist’s multi-faceted practice. One, and Two, and More Than Two is a vibrant portrait of not only an artist but of his practice as well as his diverse community.

Micah Lexier (born Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1960) is an artist and curator living and working in Toronto. Over the last thirty years, Lexier has participated in a large number of international and national solo exhibitions and group exhibitions, and has produced several local public commissions. His work is found in various collections, including: The British Museum, London; the Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney, Australia; The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa; and The Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto. He is represented by Birch Contemporary, Toronto.

Stephen Andrews
Romas Astrauskas
Nadia Belerique
Danielle Bessada
Katie Bethune-Leamen
Peter Bowyer
Adam David Brown
James Carl
Maryanne Casasanta
Carlo Cesta
Kai Chan
Miles Collyer
Lyndsey Cope
Chris Curreri
Tom Dean
Georgia Dickie
John Dickson
Kim Dorland
Dave Dyment
John Eisler
Liza Eurich
Ric Evans
Robert Fones
Claire Greenshaw
Maggie Groat
Brian Groombridge
Janice Gurney
David Hanes
Jesse Harris
Joel Herman
Patrick Howlett
Hanna Hur
Lili Huston-Herterich
Daniel Hutchinson
Luis Jacob
  Geoffrey James
Jeremy Jansen
Kelly Jazvac
Laurie Kang
Jean-Paul Kelly
Matt King
Tania Kitchell
Shane Krepakevich
Nestor Kruger
Kristiina Lahde
Mark Laliberte
Cameron Lee
Jimmy Limit
Tessar Lo
Corwyn Lund
Annie MacDonell
Vanessa Maltese
Kelly Mark
Jennifer Marman
and Daniel Borins
John Marriott
John Massey
Niall McClelland
Laura McCoy
Abby McGuane
David Merritt
Hazel Meyer
Kim Moodie
Dax Morrison
Jennifer Murphy
Lisa Neighbour
Ken Nicol
Nick Ostoff
Roula Partheniou
Andy Patton
  Gordon Peterson
Paulette Phillips
Howard Podeswa
Margaret Priest
Leah Rainey
Sandra Rechico
Susana Reisman
Ted Rettig
Jillian Kay Ross
Allison Rowe
Lyla Rye
Jonathan Sabine
Jon Sasaki
Callum Schuster
Jennifer Rose Sciarrino
Jonathan Scott
Ron Shuebrook
Michael Snow
Sally Späth
Richard Storms
Beth Stuart
Jeannie Thib
Josh Thorpe
and David Court
Flavio Trevisan
Jeff Tutt
Jim Verburg
Joy Walker
Jacob Whibley
Jay Wilson
and Jack Wilson
Nikki Woolsey
Naomi Yasui


Micah Lexier, Fill in the Blanks (For The Power Plant), 2013.

Micah Lexier, Fill in the Blanks (For The Power Plant), 2013.

_ _ _ _   _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _,   _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _,   _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _   _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _
_ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _.

We invite you to elaborate on the site-specific work on the exterior of our building, all part of the current exhibition. Guess the artist's answer to this word puzzle and enter the contest at the gallery to receive a special prize.

Only one entry per person. Entries with profanities or hateful remarks will not be considered. The gallery reserves the right to publish all entries.

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