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Welcome to In/Tension, a new art podcast presented by The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery. Tune in for a series of intimate, thought-provoking and inspiring conversations with some of Canada's most prominent visual artists.

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Episode 1

Ken Lum

Renowned Chinese-Canadian multimedia artist Ken Lum talks about his experience living and working in the US through the Trump era, his recent solo show Death and Furniture and his views on the Canadian art scene and cultural policy.

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Episode 2

Anique Jordan

Award-winning Canadian writer, curator and artist Anique Jordan discusses the impact of community on her work, touching on the concept of hauntology, as well as the triumphs and challenges of organizing a performance like The Feast.

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Episode 3

Anna Binta Diallo & Berirouche Feddal

In this French episode, multimedia artists Anna Binta Diallo and Berirouche Feddal get together with the host, Diane Gistal, to discuss their friendship, the concepts of memory and nostalgia, and the importance of archives in both of their artistic practices.

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Episode 4

Timothy Yanick Hunter

Toronto-based multimedia artist Timothy Yanick Hunter talks about the impact and inspiration that producers and DJs have on his practice, reflecting on his introduction to sampling and the rules inherent in appropriation and repurposing.

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Episode 5


British-born, Nigerian-Canadian artist Oluseye talks about the importance of his West African heritage in his multi-media projects and the significant role travel plays in his practice.

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Episode 6

Kosisochukwu Nnebe

Nigerian-Canadian installation and photography artist Kosisochukwu Nnebe shares when she first called herself an artist, her growing body of work to sources of motivation and the concept of opacity in relation to Black identity.

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Hosted by writer, educator, and editor Neil Price along with consultant, cultural producer and curator Diane Gistal, In/Tension aims to shed light on the breadth of the Canadian contemporary art scene and provide a platform for diverse and artistic voices to dive deep into their creative intentions and the facets of their practice.

In/Tension features some of Canada’s most prominent and inspiring contemporary artists, including June Clark, Ken Lum, Anna Binta Diallo, Rajni Perera, Léuli Eshrāghi, and more esteemed visual artists working across a range of media. Of the 12 episodes, nine are hosted by Price in English, with the remaining episodes hosted by Gistal in French. The podcast was produced by team at editaudio.

New episodes are released bi-weekly on Tuesdays on all streaming platforms.

This project is supported by a Digital Now grant from the Canada Council for the Arts.
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Neil Price

Neil Price is a writer, educator, and editor. His writing on art, culture, and community has appeared in Ocula, NOW, Frieze, Momus, The Globe and Mail, BlackFlash, Hazlitt, and Canadian Art, among other publications. Neil leads 9 episodes in English.


Diane Gistal

Diane Gistal is a consultant, cultural producer, independent curator, and the founding director of Nigra Iuventa, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting contemporary Afro-descendant and African artistic scenes. Diane leads 3 episodes in French.

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