The Power Plant

Angela Bulloch


Courtesy Nicky J Sims/Getty Images

Angela Bulloch was born in 1966 in Rainy River, Ontario, Canada. She is an artist who often works with sound and installation; she is recognised as one of the Young British Artists. Bulloch clives and works in Berlin.

Within her art, Bullock plays with the boundaries of mathematics and aesthetics. She has a particular interest in instructions and rules, especially in the context of technology. She is an ambiguous multi-disciplinary artist and has worked in multiple media, including video, installation, sculpture, painting. In particular, she has used video, animation, sound and light to explore pre-edited systems. Bulloch is recognised for her 'Pixel Boxes' originally constructed using beech wood and a plastic front screen and later with materials such as copper, aluminium or corian. The boxes use different lights and colours to create a variety of abstract patterns. Many of her works make use of biofeedback systems, such as in her 1994 work Betaville, a 'Drawing Machine' painting vertical and horizontal stripes on a wall, was triggered whenever someone sat on the bench in front of it. Bulloch has also made a number of works using Belisha beacons, which are more commonly used to illuminate pedestrian crossings. More recently, Bullock's Stacks are unique structures made of compiled rhomboids which play with light and colour to create optical effects. Bullock's art commonly relies on the interpretation of the viewer, with its meaning being determined by their subjectivity. A lot of her light and music works are developed using technology Bulloch has created herself.

Bulloch is a fan of music and performs live. She is also the owner of the record label LBCDLP. Music is often incorporated into her art in a variety of ways such as light instillations that respond to a musical score.