The Power Plant

Marguerite Humeau


Courtesy Marguerite Humeau

Marguerite Humeau is a French visual artist, born in 1986. Humeau is currently living in London.

Marguerite Humeau is an interdisciplinary artist who creates sculptures, installations, and videos. Her work brings together many areas of research, including literature, biology, history, and astronomy to form surreal narrative experiences. To prepare for a project, Humeau speaks to specialists in theses fields. She then creates work that attempts to bring together their worlds while also pointing to holes in various spheres of knowledge.

Working at the intersection of art, science, and technology, Marguerite Humeau explores the mythic power of scientific narratives and their effect on a larger understanding of the world. Starting with intensive research, Humeau traverses diverse fields such as paleontology, media theory, and biology to find factual basis for her sculptural and sound-based works. In her pieces, she narrates fictional events such as the re-emergence of extinct, prehistoric creatures or otherworldly beings. Through visual and sonic relations, the London-based artist’s work deconstructs and elaborates on scientific knowledge, reorienting our understanding of the world around us.