The Power Plant

Wilhelm Sasnal


Courtesy Wilhelm Sasnal, photo Mateusz Skwarczek / Agencja

Wilhelm Sasnal is a Polish painter and film-maker, renowned for his incongruous and quietly unsettling portrayal of our collective surroundings and history. Drawing on found images from newspapers and magazines, the Internet, billboards or his personal surroundings, Sasnal’s paintings act as an archive to the mass of sprawling images that flood contemporary society. By applying a concise, photorealist approach to this eclectic subject matter, he captures stolen moments in time—his unusual cropping and graphic approach to light and color suggest a camera’s gaze, imbuing the canvases with a filmic quality.

There is a persistent preoccupation in Sasnal’s work to stay engaged with the world we live in, and perhaps more importantly, to connect the present with the past. At once curiously personal and coolly detached, Sasnal subjectively and intimately interprets the topical. Sasnal has long worked in film alongside his painting, viewing it as a complementary practice and welcoming the alternative challenges that it brings. Film’s affinity with reality, and therefore its ability to provoke, also appeals to the artist.