The Power Plant

Arthur Stashak: License to Disturb

Thu Jul 21 2016

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM


Royal LePage Gallery, The Power Plant

Arthur Stashak. Photo: Kiran West

Franz Erhard Walther has created artworks intended to be activated in a prescribed manner so that particpants become part of the art. In this live performance, experience choreography inspired by Walther’s exhibition Call to Action.

Arthur Stashak, an award-winning young dancer trained at Canada’s National Ballet School, has choreographed License to Disturb, which is improvisational, but as the audience interacts it becomes more of a structured choreography. The dancer has prepared 30 movements, with each movement assigned its own number. The audience is encouraged to say any number, from 1 to 30, in any order and at any speed to essentially create their own choreography. Keep in mind that when a number is not being called out, the dancer will start improvising.