The Power Plant

Beat Nation All Styles Dance Battle

Fri Mar 22 2013

4:00 PM – 7:00 PM

FREE - All Ages

Enwave Theatre, Harbourfront Centre

View a slideshow of the highlights from Beat Nation All Styles Battle on Storified

Doors open at 8 PM
Competition begins at 8:30 PM

First come, first served. The gallery will be open until 9 PM – visit the exhibition Beat Nation before the competition begins. A cash bar will be available from 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM.

This Hip Hop-inspired event will feature a mashup of music, dance and art in celebration of the exhibition Beat Nation: Art, Hip Hop and Aboriginal Culture. The Power Plant brings together dancers representing moments in Aboriginal and hip-hop dance history to create a unique, interdisciplinary event. After the elimination round, 16 of Toronto’s best dance crews will compete for $1,000 cash prize in a 2-on-2 elimination battle format and time rounds.

The battle will be conducted by DJ Serious and judged by some of the best dancers in Canada. Crews will be judged on their versatility, for clean execution and 2-on-2 team work, which means the competition will involve routines and commandos.


Benzo: B-Boy/Chreographer/Aristic Director
Benzo aka Corrie Daniel has been spreading the love of hip-hop through b-boying since 1989. Benzo’s credentials are extensive. He has appeared in numerous music videos for Timbaland, Magoo and Missy “Cop that disc”, K-OS, Naughty by Nature, Kardinal, IRS, Wycliffe and Choclair…just to name a few. He has toured and opened for artists like Grand Master Flash, De La Sol, Jazzy Jeff and Maestro Fresh Wes. He has traveled internationally representing Canada at The UK B-boy Championships (England), Battle of the Year (Germany) and World Hip-Hop Festival (Korea).

Bboying, graffiti writing, dj-ing, and mc-ing; Q-Rock lives and breaths Hip-Hop. Making his name in the b-boy and mix-tape communities, Q has always been ahead of his time and 2012 marks the launch of his newest release, the LP “Smoke Signals.”

A member of the Mighty Zulu Kings, DDT (Dirty Defiant Tribe) and Ready to Rock, Q-Rock has earned worldwide recognition as a b-boy and through the years has honed his craft in all four of the core elements of hip hop. From Atlanta to LA, New York to Toronto, Q-Rock moves crowds with his multi-faceted performances.


Switch B
Paul “KazE” Thurton
Tony Thompson


1. Master Roshi & Joyce D
2. HS2
3. Wildcat & Emily Law
4. Mariano Dance 5.Tricky Troublez & Sonic
6. Julo & Lady Di 7. R2 & Rhino North Buck 8. Effect & Afternoon (Mix'd Mafia/ Deadly Venoms) MTL
9. Moon Runners 10. Twisted City Hunters
11. Bucc n Flvr
12. Onton & Knox SNC
13. Raw Dance Crew 14. Twisted Moon 15. VLove & Alea (Ottawa)
16. MEC
17. iLL at Will 18. F.A.M
20. Emerging 1one (EDM)
21. Khalid & Octus
22. Kid Blueprint and Static
23. Projexz
24. Royal Blood Lines
25. Soul Rebels
26. Unknow Element
27. HNS
28. Kevkong & Tyrell 29. "Rurika & Asako"
30. "ILL Minded Stylez " (Detroit)

Co-produced with

Planet IndigenUS Initiative

Image: Nicholas Galanin, Tsu Heidei Shugaxtutaan Part 1 and 2, 2008. Video. Part 1 4:37, Part 2 4:08. Courtesy the artist. Installation view at The Power Plant, 2012. Photo by Toni Hafkenscheid.

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