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Breakdancing with Lee Pham

Mon Oct 29 – Wed Oct 24 2018

2:00 PM – 7:46 AM


Boys & Girls Clubs of Weston-Mount Dennis
Humber Clubhouse
121 Humber Blvd. S.

Image courtesy of Lee Pham

From 24 September to 17 December, youth at the Humber Clubhouse, Boys & Girls Clubs of Weston-Mount Dennis will work with selected Artist-in-Residence, and break dancer, Lee “Lethal” Pham. Through dance education, Pham will teach youth the positive essence of hip-hop culture. The program will relate directly to youth by re-enforcing positive life choices, developing media literacy, creating self-confidence and providing skills that they can use in all of their life pursuits. A unique curriculum has been created to give our youth an outlet of expression. In January, youth will have an opportunity to shine in front of their peers in a community dancing event, and in doing so; they will encourage others to make similar positive constructive choices.

More about Lee Pham
Lee “Lethal” Pham is an Artist and Producer. Known in the breaking community as Lethal, he is a fifth generation member of world-renowned b-boy crew the Supernaturalz. He is also a part of Toronto-based contemporary company The Chimera Project. He has proudly represented Canada on television and stages across the world. He passionately teaches breaking and is determined to positively engage communities at a global level. As a producer he works in the film, event, and entertainment industry.

Program Dates
Mondays, 6-8PM