The Power Plant

BREATHLESS Performance

Wed Aug 10 2022

4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Admission is free. Sign up HERE.

The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery


Join us for a one-of-a-kind performance by artist Angela Schubot, inspired by group show BREATHLESS, curated by Ala Roushan!

In this durational performance, Angela Schubot takes you into the breath as her performance layers onto the cyclical exhibition of BREATHLESS, together moving from day into the night. Piercing the threshold separating inside and outside, the breath ignites the force that moves us, thinks us, dreams us, creates us, dances us, BREATHES us… until it does not.

Angela Schubot is a dancer, artist, choreographer, practice-led researcher, and bodyworker-healer based in Berlin with roots in Canada and Peru. Angela creates a space of listening and of an unconditional togetherness with the breath. She has a 15 year-long practice working with the breath in different constellations, solo works, duets, and group works.


Conceived as an ecosystem, BREATHLESS manifests as an outdoor pavilion with integrated artworks that address the vulnerabilities of the breath. The pavilion builds upon architects Alison and Peter Smithson’s prototype, House of the Future, which was exhibited in 1956—a time, much like today, that was characterized by threats from the air and by a fascination with climate control technology. BREATHLESS inverts the inaccessible private courtyard of the Smithsons’ show house into a public pavilion, challenging the closed condition of domestic space and the obsession with uncontaminated air.
BREATHLESS is animated by a cyclical rhythm from dusk to dawn, with Julius von Bismarck’s video installation transforming the pavilion’s air-filled walls, penetrating the enclosure with a fiery projection of a world engulfed in smoke and smog. As the sun rises, the video evaporates, revealing a hazy gaze in the interior of the pavilion and inviting audiences onto Flaka Haliti’s ground of shifting microparticles, which blur the boundaries between inside and outside—referring to both architecture and the body. As if emerging from the liquified ground and surviving suffocation, Marguerite Humeau’s imaginary creature of genetically evolved respiratory tracts breathes the air of a new atmosphere. Deep from within, Donna Kukama’s voice interrupts the circadian rhythm of the pavilion with the asynchronous cadence of her breath sharing personal narratives as we breathe together.

Guest curator: Ala Roushan
Assistant Curator: Jacqueline Kok
Architectural Collaborator: Charles Stankievech