The Power Plant

Cartography 17

Sat Mar 10 – Sun Mar 18 2018

5:00 AM – 1:00 PM


The Power Plant


During March Break, The Power Plant will co-present Cartography 17, a project by Art Starts, which envisions a collaborative, arts based representation of Toronto’s geography over 150 years ago and today.

Produced in the final months of 2017, as Canada observed the 150th anniversary of Confederation and Art Starts celebrated its 25th year, this community-produced map uses the language of cartography to dissolve the colonial power of the map. The focus is twofold, both illuminating Native cartography which was systematically overwritten by settlers, while also giving expression to current day neighbourhoods that so often go unacknowledged.

Art Starts engaged Lindsey Lickers, an Indigenous Consultant; Maria Montejo, a keeper of knowledge and tradition; Daniel Rotsztain, a map animator and urban cartographer, and residents of neighbourhoods situated on Toronto's margins. The final result is a monumuental 10 foot high by 20 foot wide map which is restorative, inclusive, multicultural, diverse, pluralistic, interactive and multifaceted.

Opening: Smudging Ceremony & Talk

Saturday, 10 March 2018, 3 - 5 PM

Featuring Maria Montejo, Traditional Knowledge Keeper and Daniel Rotsztain, Map Animator

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Before and after its exhibition at The Power Plant, Cartography 17 will be exhibited at other public spaces around Toronto. For more information, visit