The Power Plant

Double Bill: Nikki S. Lee & Sophie Calle

Tue Jul 24 2007

3:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Nikki S. Lee, aka Nikki S. Lee, 2006, 60 min.

Nikki S. Lee’s carefully staged photographs see her assume a succession of ethnic and subcultural personae that meld performance and self-portraiture. aka Nikki S. Lee conflates the double life of “Nikki”: the “real” Nikki, a shy and studious young woman making a documentary about her alter ego, and “Nikki Two,” an extroverted photographer boldly circulating in the New York art scene.

Sophie Calle & Gregory Shephard, Double Blind, 1992, 75:58 min.

A voyeuristic tour-de-force, Double Blind is the product of a coast-to-coast trip across America. Armed with camcorders, Sophie Calle and Gregory Shephard document their drive to Las Vegas (where they plan to marry) and their rapidly disintegrating relationship. Double Blind (a.k.a. No Sex Last Night) raises issues of subject/object, public/private, truth, fiction, and role-playing that are central to Calle’s work.