The Power Plant

Experimental Photography with Hannah Doucet

Fri Sep 20 – Fri Dec 20 2019

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM


Boys & Girls Clubs of Lawrence Heights
Neptune Clubhouse
155 Neptune Dr.

Photography by Catherine Orr

Hannah Doucet is an artist, arts educator and organizer from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her work explores the body, representation, materiality and failure via the medium of photography. Her recent work with the body is contextualized through the lens of illness, fixating on the transitive phenomenological experience of illness, and its relationship with the fixed and static nature of photography. She has exhibited across Canada and facilitated art workshops across the city of Winnipeg through Art City, Ndinawe Youth Resource Centre, Plugin ICA and in Northern Quebec through Mikw Chiyâm.

Hannah’s program presents the infinite possibilities of photography, using images as a starting point and expanding upon them with mixed media. Some activities may include textile-based sculptural works, cyanotype printing, and collage.

Program Dates
Fridays, 5-7PM