The Power Plant

Family Features

Sun Aug 05 2018

11:00 AM – 1:00 PM


The Power Plant

Many of the works in Grada Kilomba’s exhibition, Secrets to Tell, explore language and its effect on how we see ourselves. In this workshop, families are invited to choose three words or phrases that best describe their family and then illustrate them using paper, paint and markers to create triptychs.

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Registration: Call 416.973.4949 or email to reserve your spot at a Power Kids session today. Please note that each session is capped at 36 participants and registration is strongly recommended as spaces fill up quickly.

On the Day: Power Kids begins promptly at 3PM and ends at 5PM, any spaces that have been reserved but not claimed by 3:10PM will be released to drop-in participants. Caregivers are expected to join their children in all activities.

Tours and workshops are led by Amanda Foulds, Power Kids Family Programs Coordinator and assisted by Erica Cristobal, Power Kids Teaching Assistant.

Program Duration
2 hours