The Power Plant

Field Trip: Jaret Vadera

Sat Apr 17 2021

9:00 AM – 10:00 AM



 Image of Jaret Vadera 

Jaret Vadera is a transdisciplinary artist whose work explores how different social, technological, and cognitive processes shape and control the ways that we see the world around and within us. He will discuss his work with Josh Heuman, The Power Plant’s Curator of Education and Public Programs.

Jaret Vadera

Jaret Vadera is a transdisciplinary artist whose work examines how images colonize the ways that we see the worlds around and within us. Vadera hacks different visual systems, and rewires them to rupture, and open up parallel ways of seeing. His work is influenced by decolonial theory, science fiction, and the study of impossible objects.

In parallel, Vadera has worked as a curator, programmer, and writer on projects that focus on art as a catalyst for cultural change. Vadera lives and works between Toronto, New York, and New Delhi; and is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.

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