The Power Plant

Kenneth Goldsmith

Sat Jun 22 – Tue Jun 25 2013

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

$229 Members
$249 Non-Members
Advance registration is required because space is very limited.

Harbourfront Centre Board Room

Kenneth Goldsmith in the Red Room at The White House, 11 May 2011.

This four-day workshop (Saturday, 22 June - Tuesday, 25 June, 1 - 4 PM each day) led by conceptual poet pioneer Kenneth Goldsmith responds to a new environment where long-cherished notions of creativity are under attack, eroded by file-sharing, media culture, widespread sampling, and digital replication. This workshop will employ strategies of appropriation, replication, plagiarism, piracy, sampling, and plundering, all as compositional methods. Along the way, participants will trace the rich history of forgery, frauds, hoaxes, avatars, and impersonations spanning the arts, with a particular emphasis on how they employ language. Discover how the modernist notions of chance, procedure, repetition, and the aesthetics of boredom dovetail with popular culture to usurp conventional notions of time, place, and identity, all as expressed linguistically. Each student will emerge from the workshop with not only a solid body of work, but will take away tools applicable to all forms of writing as they move forward. A finished piece from each student will be published in gallery’s online journal Switch On.

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