The Power Plant

Master Class for Emerging Curators: Irene Campolmi

Sat Jan 25 2020

8:00 AM – 11:00 AM

FREE for Members

The Power Plant

Irene Campolmi. Courtesy the curator.

The Power Plant is proud to offer a Master Class for emerging curators who are members, facilitated by curator and researcher Irene Campolmi, guest curator of Spazio Disponibile.

This Master Class offers a chance for emerging art practitioners -- or those simply interested in the curatorial field -- to reflect on the potentialities of curating within and outside the institution. Curators are invited to discuss with peers and colleagues about their approach to the practice, while looking at past, current and future projects. This extraordinary session of discussions on the meaning of curating will offer opportunities to collaborate with creative minds, uncovering aspects of past, present and future histories that education systems might leave aside.

The Master Class is a dynamic and challenging curatorial platform for early-career curators focusing on experimental and critical discussion of the ecology of curatorial practice. Curatorial practice has gained reliable cultural, political and social agency for shifting perspectives on artistic, socio-political, environmental, urban and various industrial scenarios. Thus, the debate around curating has become more sophisticated, addressing another function to exhibition-making, as well as pointing a new role for artists and curators. In this cultural ecology, the Master Class aims at discussing the very meaning of 'curating' and how we could navigate forms of multidisciplinary exhibition-making, and other aspects related to the production, destruction and process of the artistic practice. Participants will be invited to reflect on how personal memories relate to multiple histories, thus embracing complex and ambiguous questions that turn individual stories into contributions to a universal condition.

Irene Campolmi is an independent curator and researcher based in Copenhagen, working and living in transit. In 2020, she will open a solo show of Dawit L. Petros at The Power Plant, Toronto and a solo exhibition of Kris Lemslau at Den Frie, Copenhagen. In 2019, she curated the Performance Program An Endless Present for Enter Art Fair, Copenhagen; an exhibition by Basim Magdy at MAAT, Lisbon; a retrospective of Jesper Just exhibited both at MAAT, Lisbon and Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen; and a solo exhibition by Wu Tsang at CC. She co-curated the Estonian Pavilion Birth V. Hi, & Bye by Kris Lemsalu at the 58th Venice Biennale and edited a book on Jesper Just’s live performances published by Mousse. In 2018, she curated Talks, Film and Performance Program of Code Art Fair in Copenhagen and the collective show #whatif for Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen with Forensic Architecture, Renzo Martens and Naeem Mohaiemen. Her current research investigates postcolonial ecologies and performance that investigates postcolonial, queer and feminist theories. In the past, her curatorial research and practice have focused on tracing the narratives supporting the 21st-century displays of those art museums who demonstrated an interest in researching the legacy of untold modern art histories and their influence in contemporary artistic research trends. Before joining the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen as a PhD Fellow to work on a thesis about the ethics supporting research and curation in modern and contemporary art museums, she was a research fellow in the Max Planck Institute research group "Objects int he Contact Zone: The Cross-Cultural Life of Things".

This Master Class is limited to 10 members.

To register or to become a Member for a special rate of $30, please contact or call 416.954.4235.