The Power Plant

Nyla Innuksuk

Sun Feb 17 2019

9:00 AM – 10:00 AM


The Power Plant

Nyla Innuksuk, courtesy the speaker.

A graduate of Ryerson University’s Film Program,Nyla Innuksuk is an Inuk Virtual Reality content creator, filmmaker and producer based out of Toronto. She founded her company Mixtape VR, a small tech start-up, in order to create immersive, interactive and cinematic content in new platforms such as 360, VR and the ever-growing Augmented Reality space. She previously co-founded Pinnguaq Productions, which focuses on Virtual Reality and 360 production, as well as STEM education in Nunavut. When she is not working within other realities, she loves to watch films and continues to direct documentary films with the CBC, the NFB and is directing her first narrative feature Slash/Back with Scythia Films. Nyla has been fascinated by Glenn Gould since childhood and continues to be inspired by his legacy, currently sitting on the board of directors for the Glen Gould Foundation. Innuksuk will discuss Shuvinai Ashoona's exhibition Mapping Worlds.