The Power Plant

Power Forum: Art Publishing in the Digital Age

Sat Oct 24 2009

12:00 PM – 1:30 PM

Digitization and the internet have transformed the dissemination and reception of information about art. With social media, file-sharing programs and print-on-demand publishing, a newly democratic era has arrived where content is shared in a spirit of creative exchange and without the mediation of authorities and rights holders. On the flipside, do our shortened attention spans, coupled with the glut of unedited online information, signal cause for alarm? Exploring issues of interactivity, sustainability, copyright, and global economics, this panel explores how arts publications are responding to the promise and perils of the digital age: including Adrian Searle, chief art critic at The Guardian newspaper, London; Anton Vidokle, artist and creator of the international network and information agency e-flux; and Greg Van Alstyne, creative director and design educator. Moderated by Melony Ward.