The Power Plant

Power Kids: Every Breath You Make

Sun Aug 21 2022

11:00 AM

Admission is free. Sign up here.

The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery


Inspired by the artworks presented at the BREATHLESS pavilion in the South Terrace of The Power Plant, this Power Kids workshop will engage kids and their families in a unique art-making activity! Participants will create abstract patterns by blowing watercolours on paper with straws. Once the paper is dried, they will use the art of paper folding to make imaginative origami designs.

BREATHLESS is an outdoor instalaltion, animated by a cyclical rhythm from dusk to dawn, with Julius von Bismarck’s video installation transforming the pavilion’s air-filled walls, penetrating the enclosure with a fiery projection of a world engulfed in smoke and smog. As the sun rises, the video evaporates, revealing a hazy gaze in the interior of the pavilion and inviting audiences onto Flaka Haliti’s ground of shifting microparticles, which blur the boundaries between inside and outside—referring to both architecture and the body. As if emerging from the liquified ground and surviving suffocation, Marguerite Humeau’s imaginary creature of genetically evolved respiratory tracts breathes the air of a new atmosphere. Deep from within, Donna Kukama’s voice interrupts the circadian rhythm of the pavilion with the asynchronous cadence of her breath sharing personal narratives as we breathe together.