The Power Plant

Saturday Encounters: Sharing a diversity of experience, perception and language

Sat Jan 02 2016

9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

FREE and Open to All

Space is limited. Call 416-973-4949 or email for advance registration.

Saturdays, 2PM
26 September, 2015 - 2 January, 2015

The Power Plant

Dora García, Mad Marginal Charts No.4, 2014. Graphite on wallpaper. Courtesy the artist. Photo: Vegard Kleven.

Each of us perceive the world differently, and some of us perceive extraordinary things, things that not everyone else can hear, see, feel or smell. Each Saturday, here at The Power Plant, and as part of Dora García's work ESP (extrasensory perception), experts by experience will describe in words of their choosing a part of what they perceive, sharing personal insights into living with experiences that may seem extraordinary and therefore not easily conveyed to others.

For four decades and more Kevin Healey hears voices that you don’t. This is sometimes a troubling experience, often rewarding, but always challenging and tiring. Hard work and learning from others have led him to accepting and understanding his voices and what they mean: taming and training the voices and turning the experience into a useful, even valuable one.

With a background in engineering, management, training and organisational development, Kevin is now facilitator of Toronto Hearing Voices group and working with agencies to train staff and build capacity to support people who hear voices in the Toronto area. He is occupied as well connecting with others across Canada in preparation for establishing a hearing voices network in Canada; and advocating that hearing voices is a normal human experience, and a story of human diversity.