The Power Plant

Slow Art Day

Sat Apr 12 2014

6:00 AM – 8:00 AM


The Power Plant

The Power Plant is pleased to participate in Slow Art Day 2014 with volunteer host Marie-Camille Lalande. Slow Art Day is a global movement with a simple mission to help people discover for themselves the joy of slowing down and spending time with art. Why slow? When people look slowly at a work of art they make discoveries that may have been overlooked at first glance. When they spend time discussing their observations with others, they make connections and build meaningful interpretations together.

How it works: Participants are invited to The Power Plant to look for 50 minutes at pre-selected works on view in the exhibition Mike Nelson: Amnesiac Hide. The group will then meet at the front desk and walk to a nearby restaurant to discuss the experience. Participants are asked to pay for their own lunch. Slow Art Day is open to everyone who is interested in looking closely and sharing their observations, impressions and ideas.

Marie-Camille Lalande is the volunteer host for this event. She is interested in free-choice and informal learning environments, particularly in the fields of art and culture. She has worked in the education department of various museums, including the Ottawa Art Gallery, where she led workshops in public libraries, after-school programs, community centres, music festivals, and retirement homes. She currently works as a teacher at the Royal Ontario Museum, and volunteers at the Toronto School of Art and Story Planet/Intergalactic Travel Authority. She holds a Masters Degree in Museum Studies from the Université du Québec à Montréal.

Click here to register and for more information about Slow Art Day.