The Power Plant

Soltanto il mare (Only the Sea)

Tue Apr 14 2020

3:00 PM


Studio Theatre
Harbourfront Centre

Soltanto il mare (2010), by Dagmawi Yimer.

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Soltanto il mare (Only the Sea)
Directed by Dagmawi Yimer, Fabrizio Barraco and Giulio Cederna
2010, colour, 50 minutes

A few years after landing in Lampedusa in 2006, Dagmawi Yimer returns with a videocamera and a regular identity card to see and film what he could then only imagine as he looked through the gratings on the windows of the detention centre. Filmed between 2010 and the beginning of 2011, the documentary is a tribute to the island and its inhabitants.

This film will be introduced by filmmaker and producer Feyrouz Abdulrahman. Abdulrahman, who is originally from the Horn of Africa, produced the documentary Mis Boon: Daughter of the Horn, a documentary about Eritrean experiences as told from an Eritrean Canadian perspective.


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