The Power Plant

Songs for Jesse Presley

Wed Nov 11 2009

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Elvis Presley would have been an identical twin if not for the stillbirth of his brother Jesse Garon. Even if Jesse had survived, however, Elvis would have been born alone, just like the rest of us. But birth is the last time identity exists in a solitary state. We all look less into the mirror than into the wider culture for models of who and how to be. Every artist, no matter how original, has at some point mimicked, imitated and aped. Some of Toronto’s most exciting independent musicians  Joe Pernice, The Reveries and D-Sisive  unveil their artistic zygotes by playing covers of formative influences, whether from early life or last week, alongside the clonings, mutations and deviations that are their own songs. Curated by writer Carl Wilson.