The Power Plant

Sud Side Stori (South Side Story)

Tue Apr 21 2020

3:00 PM


Studio Theatre
Harbourfront Centre

Sud Side Stori (2000), by Roberta Torre.

The Power Plant has postponed all programming until further notice in view of the COVID-19 public health emergency. For updates, please continue to refer to Toronto Public Health.

Sud Side Stori (South Side Story)
Directed by Roberta Torre
2000, colour, 87 minutes

In Roberta Torre's "true story of Romeo and Juliet", Toni Giulietto is a vulnerable street singer and Little Tony-impersonator (who is himself an Italian Elvis-impersonator) who is constantly deceived and hoodwinked by almost everyone he knows. Romea is an attractive Nigerian immigrant who sells sex on the streets of Palermo to pay off her fee to the man who smuggled her in to the country. Various characters plot against each other and the plots, which draw in people from all the different social strata, spiral out of control as the tug-of-war between these different factions of Sicilian society is fought to the last.

This film will be introduced by cinema studies scholar Kass Banning. Banning’s research focuses on aesthetics and screen alterity, to include minor cinemas and new media, ranging from diasporic to Indigenous to queer. Complementing her research on cultural translation and local / global intersections, her work revisits national, transnational and planetary analytics, from theoretical and philosophical perspectives that privilege mobility and affect. She has published in the areas of minor Canadian and Black British cinemas, migratory aesthetics, and hybrid documentary media, has co-edited an anthology on Canadian women’s cinema (University of Toronto Press), and co-founded and co-edited two path-breaking Canadian quarterlies CineAction and Borderlines for over a decade.


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