The Power Plant

Sunday Scene with Abrar Mechmechia

Sun Mar 06 2022

9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Admission is Free. Sign up HERE.

The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery

Abrar Mechmechia

On Sunday, March 6, from 2PM to 2:45 PM, we invite to join us in person with Abrar Mechmechia, a mental health counsellor for war survivors, for a conversation around the urgent and critical subject matters Shona Illingworth explores in her exhibition, Topologies of Air at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery.


Mechmechia was a panelist and speaker in the Toronto hearings of the Airspace Tribunal, which was conceived by Nick Grief and Shona Illingworth, and co-presented by The Power Plant and the Master of Visual Studies program at the Daniels Faculty, University of Toronto. The international hearings held in London, Sydney, Toronto and Berlin discussed the effects of climate change, human rights, artificial intelligence, geopolitics, contemporary warfare, bio politics, psychology and forced migration. The Airspace Tribunal is part of Illingworth’s first solo exhibition in Canada, Topologies of Air, presently on view at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery until 1 May 2022. Mechmechia will offer her insights into Shona's work, as a participant of the Toronto hearings and a mental health counsellor for war survivors.

More about Abrar Mechmechia

Mechmechia is a mental health counsellor and a member with CCPA (Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association) with a passion for empowering marginalized youth and women. Abrar was born in Hamilton and raised in Aleppo, Syria. When the civil war broke out, Abrar remained in Syria to volunteer and work with SOS, UNICEF, and UNHCR to provide children with trauma-informed mental health care. She is the Founder of ABRAR Trauma and Mental Health Services.