The Power Plant

Tasman Richardson

Wed Oct 17 2012

2:00 PM – 5:00 PM

The Power Plant

Please join us on Wednesday, 17 October from 6-9 PM for our Fall 2012 Art After Hours event featuring a special performance by Toronto-based artist Tasman Richardson.

Tasman Richardson is a Toronto based video artist, electronic composer, and graphic designer. For over a decade he has exhibited and performed extensively throughout the Americas, Europe, North Africa and Asia. His work focuses on entropy, tele-presence, appropriation, synesthesia, and JAWA editing (of which he is the founder), in which musical composition and abstract narratives are created entirely from video cut ups. For more information about the artist, click here.

Video Performance, Colour, 13min
Tasman Richardson, 2012

The performer has replaced the shaman/priest, and the screen/sound has replaced the performer. Pulling from the cultural dictionary of cinematic micro phrases, a ceremonial edit of symbols and signs is mediated. Our spectacular séance will weave the recorded media (aka the power of the dead) into a spastic orgy of cut ups in the spirit of the Burroughs/Gysin legacy to invoke a temporary temple.

Firing Squad
Video Performance, Colour, 18min
Tasman Richardson, 2011

A projected wall of television sets, targets the audience like a paparazzi firing squad. Powering off older tube televisions results in the electron gun producing a unique fingerprint and sound as it collapses. These brief recordings are micro edited into audio/video concrete via real time midi sequencing. The televisions are filmed with perspectives suggesting camera flashes or machine guns, leaving the audience to decide if they are the celebrity or the victim.

This event is open to all levels of Membership as well as new and returning students in the city. For more information and to RSVP please contact or 416.973.4926.

Photo: Tasman Richardson, still from Firing Squad, 2011. Video performance, colour, 18 min.