The Power Plant

The Other Night Sky: Stargazing Party

Thu Aug 13 2009

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Blurring the boundaries between art, astronomy, geography, and investigative journalism, Trevor Paglen highlights phenomena that the US government would prefer us not to see. Paglen’s latest body of work, The Other Night Sky (2007 and ongoing), is a series of photographs and videos of American reconnaissance satellites gliding through the night sky against backdrops of celestial phenomena. Ted Molczan is a self-taught astronomer who has tracked classified US satellites from his Toronto apartment for two decades. One of the world’s leading amateur satellite observers, Molczan shares his findings on the listserv SeeSat-L and was a major inspiration and advisor for The Other Night Sky. Molczan and Paglen lead a Stargazing Party by the lakefront, where participants will be invited to observe classified satellites gliding through the evening sky over Toronto.