The Power Plant

Together, Alone

Wed Feb 11 2009

2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Recent film and video works by international artists illustrate how the new social forms and ways of understanding “community” explored in The Power Plant exhibition If We Can’t Get It Together have evolved radical forms of communication and representation. These works feature bodies struggling to make a social “movement” together, tenuously joining forces into unexpected alliances, only to fall apart again. Featuring Liew Seng Tat’s Matahari (The Sun) (2007), Emily Roysdon’s Social Movement (2005), Ulla von Brandenburg’s Around (2005), Victor Alimpiev’s Sweet Nightingale (2005), Jani Ruscica’s Batbox/Beatbox (2007), and Eric Beveraggi & Charles Bédué’s Waltz on Thin Air (2008).