The Power Plant

Workshop with Kevin Healey

Mon Nov 02 2015

5:00 AM – 7:30 AM

FREE with advance registration

The Power Plant

Kevin Healey, member of the Hearing Voices Network and recovery network: Toronto, will lead a workshop exploring the ways in which language both enables and limits our understanding of experiences not easily explained by a simple understanding of perception and the five senses. Inspired by and responding to ideas addressed in Dora García’s exhibition I SEE WORDS, I HEAR VOICES, participants will join in a morning of dialogue, share their own experiences of what they see, hear, feel or otherwise sense both described in words of their own choosing and expressed as works on paper. We will then sit together in a listening circle, making space for images, sounds and utterances.

For as long as he can remember Kevin Healey has been hearing, seeing and otherwise sensing things that others do not and has become an activist and leader in the Hearing Voices Movement and his work has been profiled in both Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail. As a trainer, facilitator and workshop leader Healey is interested in working with approaches that are liberating and invites you to join a conversation about how we might come to understand and accept our diverse experiences.

Space is limited. Email or call 416.973.4949 to reserve tickets.