The Power Plant

Filip De Boeck

Filip De Boeck (born 1961 in Antwerp, Belgium) lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. De Boeck is an anthropologist and coordinator at the Institute for Anthropological Research in Africa, a research unit associated with The University of Leuven. His research interests center on urban and rural life in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and he has published extensively on topics relating to this. His most recent publication written in collaboration with photographer Sammy Baloji is titled Suturing the City. Living Together in Congo's Urban Worlds (London: Autograph ABP, 2016). Curatorial projects include Urban Now: City Life in the Congo (2016) for WIELS, Contemporary Art Center, Brussels; The World according to Bylex (2008) for the Royal Flemish Theatre, Brussels; and Kinshasa: The Imaginary City, for the 9th International Architecture Biennial in Venice (2006). Film projects include Cemetery State (2010) and The Tower: A Concrete Utopia (2016), created in collaboration with Sammy Baloji.